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Kenny is 47 years old, father of 4, papa to 3. Kenny has been married to his best friend, Shanna for 21 years. May of 2018 Kenny went in for a routine Colonoscopy and Endoscopy. May 22, 2018 changed the course of his life, he was diagnosed with Esophogeal cancer. It was a shock to him and his entire family, while panic and fear of the unknown set in, as we all were in a different position with his cancer diagnosis. A week later he went for additional testing and an endoscopic ultrasound. Once again, things had changed. 


 It was found the cancer was also in his stomach invading within 2 layers of the stomach wall. This was then changed to a Gastric cancer known as Gastric Adenocarcinoma. On August 20, 2018 Kenny underwent a major surgery, an Esophojectomy, which they removed most of his stomach and esophagus. The very next morning he had massive internal bleeding, and acute respiratory failure. He underwent an emergency surgery where he ended up losing his spleen and total body blood volume had to be replaced twice. 


 Kenny spent the next 27 days in the hospital with half of that time being spent in the ICU, on a ventilator, and almost comatose. In September he came home with having home care 2-3 times a week to assist with standing, walking and doing everyday tasks we all take for granted. He has spent the last 6 months with a chest tube to drain fluid off his lung and plueral l space and a J-tube that is providing him with nourishment since he cannot eat and drink. He has been scanned every 6 weeks as Chemo is not an option until the chest tube is able to be removed, due to infection. 


 After surgery it was found the cancer did spread to the lymphatic system. In January, 2019 it was found he now also has a nodule on his lung. February 2019 he was able to have chest tube removed and approved for chemo, and had a port placed. His wife Shanna is his caregiver and works fulltime. Shanna takes FMLA to care for him, and medical bills, copays are stacking up. 


Kenny will spend the next 6 months doing Chemotherapy, which will require Shanna to take more time off work. Your donation will assist in medical bills and living expenses so Shanna can focus on taking care of Kenny. We appreciate all the positive juju, prayers and monetary donations.     

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